About Blue Heron Soft and Bruce Mitchell

Here’s why everyone should be reading Blue Heron Soft Reviews. The website that Bruce Mitchell built is filled with useful information about whether this or that product works or not–or whether something is worth buying or is a piece of junk. And the best thing is that the fearless views presented on the site are not swayed by advertising or any other hidden agenda.

If you’re used to shopping online at Amazon or any other site, you’re likely to find that an unbiased information or experience about a product is next to impossible. For example, a vast majority of the reviews are made up. And worse, if there was any money involved in regards to the positive reviews or any kind of compensation given to the writer–you’ll never know.

In fact, sometimes you’ll wonder why almost always, reviews are more positive than negative. Also, there is lack of full disclosure on whether the reviewer received a freebie or not. Not www.blueheronsoft.com.

Indeed, honest information is few and far between as far as web commerce is concerned. Luckily, one website now stands in the gap. So if you’re looking to shop better without being hoodwinked into buying something you don’t need or doesn’t fulfill your needs, one good habit to cultivate is to go to the site first.

And by the way, the site doesn’t just review computers and peripherals. You’ll find any kind of product. Of course, you can go on reading as much as you want on what other sites say. But by consulting Blue Heron, you’ll be one step ahead of the game.