Amazing Futuristic Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2018

Here are the most amazing futuristic technology trends to look out for in 2018. On top of everyone’s list is artificial intelligence or AI. Sadly, however, many people around the globe can look forward to early retirement if high-tech plans push through–a depressing prospect for the next new year.

That Healthcare Crystal Ball

On the other hand, the trackable pill isn’t as depressing as it sounds–unless of course, you don’t want to know what’s going on inside your system. From the looks of things, however, everybody seems to be embracing one health app after another, these days. Yet another persistent trend is RNA manipulation. This trend comes at the heels of all the excessive intrusion into the secrets of the double helix.

And to all of you cell phone lovers out there, your smart device just might be able to tell you what your snack or medication contains just by you taking a selfie. Nootropics, by the way, has been slowly heating up ever since Scarlett Johansson released Lucy into the world. Meanwhile, keeping your breath fresh and staying alert with caffeine can be achieved by the ubiquitous chewing gum.

AI’s Best Friend, Virtual Reality Is Here

Mall rats have been phenomenally embracing VR providers’ exhibitions at kiosks everywhere. Pretty soon, you and I can magically find ourselves inside somebody else’s vacation or even a World Cup game. Yay, no tickets required. As prices fall for VR equipment everywhere, demand grows for VR and its distant cousins, AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality). You may be able to vanish your roomies instantaneously with these things.

One Magic Leap for mankind can be flashing the show right before your very eyes to create an illusion of real existence. From Apple-inspired retina manipulation to skin implants, VR is becoming more realistic than ever before. Pretty soon, you won’t be able to distinguish between reality and illusion. And, as if Alexa and her copycats weren’t already here, wearable technology can start to dictate what you wear in 2018 and beyond.

With AT&T growing its 5G connectivity in key cities of the world, there’s so much more you can do with high-speed Internet as if there were any kind of shortage. Digital assistants do have the potential to become Thinkables who can think for you–well beyond advising you when to pack your lunch. Blame it on Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and company–our world will never be the same again in 2018 if all these fearless technology forecasts were to materialize.

And to the chagrin of Bill Gates and Apple cohorts espousing proprietary technology or the hands-off approach vis a vis competition, the share-toy concept is beginning to take ground. Alexa and Google Home can become the playmates of the future. If all goes well, you won’t need to email or text a product complaint–the manufacturer would know when you break a product. Short of being self-aware, new products can become self-reporting in no time.

Are all these wonderful things going to materialize in 2018? Wait a minute. We’re not even finished yet. We haven’t even discussed how driving lessons, as well as driver’s licenses, can be things of the past.

Driver-less Cars and all that Jazz

Vehicles are not only learning to drive themselves, they’re becoming neat freaks, too. While Tesla is busy with electric cars, Uber is working on the hover taxi. One thing for sure–the atmosphere will be so much cleaner if all these big, ambitious plans achieve fruition in 2018. The supersonic Hyperloop, however, is scheduled to open this year.

From Virgin Atlantic to Virgin Galactic

While Virgin Atlantic CEO Richard Branson is basking in all the legendary customer service record of his flight attendants, he’s also been busy trying to challenge SpaceX’s space travel supremacy. Like Musk, Branson is also trying to ferry celebrities through a less bumpy airplane ride–except that this time, spaceships are involved instead of the customary 747s. These plans have been in the works for many years.

When Real Time Isn’t Really Real

Who knows, some of these fantastic visions just might materialize in 2018, or at least the gist of all these ambitious targets. Even when they don’t, self-driving cars and all, at least some visionaries have begun to lay the groundwork. Just don’t expect a time machine to just come from nowhere anytime soon.