A Wine Filter That Gives You No Hangovers? Introducing The ULLO Wine Purifier

In this Ullo Wine Filter Review, I will explain its pros and cons.

Is Hangover Free Drinking Possible?

Through backing 12 Idiegogo projects and 91 Kickstarter projects and only loving 7 of the projects, I became skeptical of new gadgets. In this case, I am reviewing the Ullo Wine Purifier that raised over &155,000.

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What is Ullo?

Ullo is a product that purifies wine by removing sulfites to make the wine preservative free, thus restoring the wine to its natural state.

Sulfites are a preservative agent that keeps the wine from spoiling, prevents secondary fermentation of the sweet wines and also ensures that the wine does not turn into vinegar.

Why Purifying is Needed.

Millions of people who drink wine are allergic to sulfur. According to an article by Wired, it explains that sulfites are to wine similar to how gluten is to food. People allergic to the sulfite show symptoms such as headaches, asthma-like symptoms, bloating, flushing and even hives.

Although the level of sulfites in wine is lower than that in processed foods example deli meats, people often complain of the sulfites related allergies and hangovers after drinking wine. The Ullo Purifier is claimed to be the solution to avoiding or reducing the allergies.

On a personal level, when I consume wine, I get nasty hangovers and headaches.

According to science, headaches are not as a result of red wine. My wife often explains that a headache is a result of me drinking the whole bottle and not the sulfites in the drink.

As for my brother, his face turns bright red, an Asian thing which is claimed to be as a result of the liver lacking some enzymes. Although he calls it the “Asian Glow,” to me, it is more of an “Asian Neon Red” as the redness is similar to Rudolph’s nose.  If the Ullo decreases the number of sulfites in the wine, will it affect the Asian glow?

More Info on the Ullo Wine Filter

The purifier removes any sulfites and sediments in the wine. To operate it, the purifier has an on and off aerator switch which turns it on or off to aerate the wine selectively.

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The purifier gently rests on top of a wine glass or can be easily held by hand. For storage, it fits perfectly in its display base.

The Ullo wine product package includes the purifier, four selective sulfite capture bottle single filters, and a travel bag.

To clean the purifier, it can be easily disassembled and washed in the dishwasher. However, hand wash cleaning is recommended. The purifier is made from BPA free Food Grade materials.

The size of the purifier is 1.3 pounds and measures 5 7/8 x 4 3/8 x 4 3/8-Inches. Each filter can purifier one 750 millimeter bottle of wine.

My Final Review Of The Ullo Wine Filter

IT WORKS! Whatever hangovers you've been getting the next morning due to wine will completely vanish.Filters are not reusable and only good for one bottle of 750ml wine (Stock order contains 4 filters).
The product only weights about 1.5 lbs so it's easy to bring along with you no matter where you decide to drink a few glasses of wine.The purfication process takes up to 2 minutes which can be aggrevating for the impatient especially if drinking at party environments.
Taste remains the same after the purifcation process.Find the product here on Amazon or click here to collect and stock up on 10 more filters

reviews by Other Customers

  • According to a review by Robert P., he sampled Ullo’s wine and non-Ullo’d wine of an average bottle of Pinot noir. From his experiment, he identified that the Ullo wine has a better taste.
  • For Sue, the purifier to her has been a fantastic product. She is a lover of wines and gadgets, wanted to try out the Ullo purifier. After trying it out, she realized that wines could taste better and she has been using the gadget ever since. The gadget also helped her understand the concept of sulfites.
  • To Emily G. she finds the gadget amazing, and she plans to use it on each of her future wine bottles.
  • Constance M. who tried the purifier with a bottle of Chardonnay as a science test ended up drinking the whole bottle due to its better taste and clarity.
  • Mathew W., on the other hand, appreciates the purifier as it removes the sulfites but leaves the goodness of the wine intact.
  • Natalie D. considers the purifier as the most refreshing thing she has seen in a long time. “I highly appreciated the opportunity to my husband and me to enjoy perfect red wine last night.” As stated by Natalie herself.

HUGE UPDATE! (February 2018)

I’m currently browsing around on Amazon and just found out there’s now a Ullo Wine Discount available on Amazon.

I immediately jumped on the opportunity to purchase myself two more Ullo Wine Filters for my parents. You can do the same by clicking this link to the Amazon page right here to claim your Ullo Discount. – Blue Heron Soft

Wine Filter No Hangover

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